Below are a few guidelines, suggestions and requirements for visiting your baby. Thank you for your help and consideration!


1. At the recommendation of our vet, we no longer allow people to freely tour our home, our adult areas and puppy nursery are located in our home.  Due to the elevated risk of canine diseases such as parvo virus being spread, we have decided to try and eliminate most of the risk by only allowing people into our set up area. You will be welcomed into our new RV and your baby will be brought to you. I hope you understand we are protecting your baby. 


2. For the protection of our pets and puppies, we ask that you let us know if you have recently visited another kennel, breeder or pet store or handled other puppies. We will ask you to apply shoe covers before entering. We will also ask you to use a hand sanitizer on your hands before handling the puppies.


 3. Please do not bring your current pets with you to our home. We understand that you would like to see the puppies interact with your dog or cat, but due to the risk involved, we simply cannot allow it. Please limit adults you bring, please plan on 1 additional visitor. 


4. We love children. Unless the child/children are the ones getting the puppy please do not bring. If your children will be visiting their puppy explain to them before hand how little and tiny the babies still are and to handle very gently. Please understand that our adult dogs have not been raised around small children and for this reason we will not bring them out. Your puppy however will grow up with your children and will love being around them.


5. You are welcome to bring your camera and take pictures.


6. Please expect to keep your visit to 15 min with the puppy and 5 min question and answer at the end. The babies are still young and tire easily. 


Thank you for taking the time to come and meet us and your baby.

Please be mindful that this is our home and we request you to respect it just as we would yours.