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Texas Miniature Schnauzer Premier breeder of Companions for over 20 years!

"The Miniature Schnauzer has it all in one small package: intelligence, affection, an extroverted temperament, humor, and a personality that’s twice as big as their bodies. Throw in that walrus mustache and quivering enthusiasm, and they’ll make you laugh every day. Miniature Schnauzers were originally bred to be ratters and guard dogs on farms. They were developed in the mid-to-late 19th century in Germany by crossbreeding the Standard Schnauzer with smaller breeds, such as the Miniature Pinscher, Affenpinscher, and perhaps the Poodle or Pomeranian." Google 

We specialize in AKC lined miniature companion priceless puppies 




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- 100% protected payments

- Pay with debit/credit card, or pay in installments over 12 months via Camlist

- FREE 6 months pet food (up to 12 months PROMO ongoing)

- INSTANT insurance coverage

- FREE unlimited virtual vet consultation

- Personalized pet training plan

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Financing Available 

CPR-Certified Pet Registration with each puppy

CERF, Embark, Wisdom & Paw Print genetic health testing on most parents 

Your choice Health Guarantees

NO Inbreeding

NO Linebreeding

Dewclaw Removal

Litterbox Potty Training

Personality Matching

First Grooming and Clip

Crate and Chew Toy Conditioning


Early Neuro Stimulation 

Scent Stimulation 

Lifetime Support

Vet Certified

NO Shipping-White glove Flight Nanny delivery 

Priceless Puppies raised in a family home nursery with constant love, attention, monitoring and kisses. 
We are most happy to offer FaceTime visits when puppies join us. Parvo is on the rise!!

Visiting Info and Parvo Precautions

“We are a responsible breeder who utilizes available breed testing and breeds ethically, I put a lot of personal care and attention into our puppies. We do have help raising litters by our partners. Our partners have our lines and will whelp litters and follow our protocols. We only have a couple girls living in our home while others live in guardian homes. Your puppy will join me after weaned from our whelper. I'm happy to FaceTime once they join me. 
What is a whelper helper partner?

We try hard not to use chemical dewormers or flea control, keep my puppy area clear of any toxic cleaners or lawn products and feed a species appropriate diet including veggies. I use early neurological stimulation to provide a dog with superior mental and emotional stability, same program used by the military and therapy dog organizations. Every puppy is raised around family, other dogs, and are exposed to multiple environments prior to leaving. Parents are registered and health tested.  I am a minimal vaccination breeder. My adult dogs only receive titers before vaccines and their rabies vaccine.



We offer health guarantees for life, free starter pack , Free health insurance for a month,Vet checked and certified healthy by a liscensed vet, Micro-Chip, high titer vaccines, dewormings, Vet removed tails and dewclaws, natural ears, blankie with moms scent and a stuffed lovey.  

We litter box train your puppy!

Elite customer service our parents expect. 
We are here for you many years down the road. 

We are a very small home Elite Companion breeder and placement service. 
We have mentors and guardian home we do advise. With our years of experience please expect to wait for these  wonderful litters!! 

"With a Miniature Schnauzer in the house, you’ll never be alone, not even when you go to the bathroom. They’ve got personality-plus, and whether they’re bounding around ahead of you or curled up snoozing on your lap, you’ll never be bored with one of these pups around!" Google

**AKC Inspected May 2014

Conveniently located not far from Austin Texas with easy access for Houston, Dallas and San Antonio areas. 

2024 MINI Ted E Bear SCHNOODLES are here! 



A Schnoodle is a combination of a Schnauzer and a Poodle. Both of these dogs are among the most popular dog breeds, so it’s no surprise that someone would combine them for the best of both worlds. Hypoallergenic, funny, witty and loyal. 

Litter here 2024





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