We understand that as a new puppy owner you have expectations of your puppy before they come home. You want to know that the puppy is up-to-date on vaccinations, deworming's and microchip, and that they receive a clean bill of health and that they come from healthy lines. 

Creating priceless puppies goes beyond that by giving your puppy many experiences that they may have in their new home and it will help reduce potential stress when they leave us. 


We have created a checklist so that you may feel confident in knowing your puppy has the best new start. 

*Head start on crate training and exercise pen. 

* Had at least three car rides.  This gives you confidence to know that the puppy does not have motion sickness issues and we understand that your puppy will be included in many family outings together.  Did you know that ginger snaps before travel may reduce nausea?


* Your puppy will be introduced to a collar and a leash before they leave us.


* Your puppy has been litter box trained. We know that starting litter box training at three weeks of age while still in the welping box have cleaner areas for puppies.  The puppies will transition to doing their business outside much easier. 

* Been introduced to cats. Cats can be frightening for puppies, and painful if not introduce correctly. Puppies can be very obnoxious toward cats. If able, introducing puppies to cats in the safe way will install caution when needed and respect by both parties and will meet for happy home to coexist.


* Been introduced to larger breeds. At times a puppy may have never seen a larger dog except mama. Your puppies need diverse socialization to help them be confident, and not fearful or nuisance to the other family members, including the other four-legged ones. 

* been introduced to kids. It's important that they are comfortable and understand the kids make noises and smell funny but will be their best friend forever. We invite diverse groups of people from our family to help interact with the puppies. This will give the puppies exposure to all ages, races and personality types. 


* Been desensitized to loud noises and smells. Even not so loud things like a refrigerator or a fan can be scary for a young puppy and a new home. The stereo, television, even the beep of a microwave should be recognized as sounds that are familiar not scary when they go to their forever home. Introduce new smells. 

*After 4 weeks of age the 10 stimulation exercises daily. 
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We help set your puppies up for success by checking off these "priceless" items along with the puppies health and  records to help you feel confident in the puppy you will be adding to your new home.