Raising Your New Mini Schnauzer in a Natural & Holistic Way!


What does this actually mean?

For our Schnauzer’s , this means we try to stay away from over-vaccinating our dogs, we try alternative therapies when needed such as accupuncture, massage, & herbal remedies when we can.  We also feed cooked and raw vegis as much as possible, but still have our pups used to kibble for their new families.  Using a Holistic approach, we look at our pups as a whole.  We approach the fact that if the body and mind are healthy, that all the other organs will flourish and be healthy. 


Vaccines:  We do give our pups the first two rounds each of the parvo and distemper vaccines.  I do not give anything other than Distemper and Parvo.  I still give the new pups these vaccines because we do not over-vaccinate our adults so they don't have alot that they are passing on to their puppies. 


Diet:  I believe in a WHOLE Diet!  


Medications:  We try to avoid man-made medications on our dogs and our family alike.  We will still utilize labs, xrays, or testing to know what is going on, but from here we try to utilize natural herbs and cremes to help.  This does not mean we will not utilize medications as a last resort to saving a baby, but our Schnauzer’s are usually strong and healthy enough to overcome the simple things that plague most animals. 


Environmental Toxins:  We try to use as much "green" natural products that we can so that we do not expose our dogs or our family to many toxins found in most supplies.  This includes cleaning products, any chemicals used outside where the dog may come in contact with the grass, bushes, etc.


Environmental Stress:  Just as we humans can only handle so much stress in our lives before we feel the effects with our health, the same goes for our 4-legged babies.  Being a long-term breeder of Schnauzers, I learned very early on that Stress was the leading contributor to Illness !  I've noticed that my own body breaks down and I become more susceptible to health issues and diseases.  Keeping a stress-free environment plays a key role in the health of the whole household!


Bio-Sensor & 7 Rule:  I will SWEAR by both of these when it comes to raising any little ones in my home! 

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