“He's such a cute and loving pup! He just started going to doggy daycare a couple times a week. He has charmed all the daycare employees” . Susan Hutchinson



Effective Pricing 2024 

New pricing effective  2024
We apologize but due to increases in Vet cost, High Titer vaccinations, health testing, food and supplies we have to increase our fees. Any puppy sold after this date will reflect this increase to help offset these expenses. See our Questionnaire for current pricing. 


What comes with my puppy and what is your pricing?!!

Our pups are priced at $1800 and up depending on coat texture, coat color and eye color. 

1. A well adjusted, socialized, genetically sound, veterinarian checked and certified healthy Mini Schnauzer puppy by a seasoned Vet.

Come with us to the vet!
2. Age appropriate vaccinations and de-wormings at 2,4,6 lbs and 8 weeks of age. Schnauzers will have docked tails and Schnoodles will have natural tails. 
Arrangements can be made to have left or removed by age 3 days. Must be paid in full. 

3. Detailed shot record with dates of de-worming and vaccinations. 

Click here for vaccine info

4. Breeder Cloud pro portal log in for all your records. 

5. Fresh frozen plasma at birth.

6. 1 year genetic health warranty. (see our Health Guarantee section) Options to increase your health guarantee up to 10 year genetic health warranty are available. 

7. Early Neuro Stimulation program(same as used by our military for produce a better adjusted dog)

NEW! Scent Stimulation days 3-16

8. Baxter & Bella Prep Puppy Program (additional training program for additional fee)

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Baxter & Bella

9. Blanket and stuffed lovey with littermates scents on it

10. Litterbox trained puppy

12. Free 1 month of Trupanion insurance 

13. Treat samples

14. We are so excited to offer each puppy their very own CPR official pet registration included in your puppy packet. Also includes a free dog tag with registration. 




 Full registration  is only offered to very limited and approved breeding programs (some litters we absolutely do not want bred and will not be offered with papers) If breeding rights are approved on a case by case basis add $500

15. Lifetime re-home if needed and breeder support

16. Happiness Guarantee

16. Free Microchip and free lifetime registration. 

Lifetime support from Schnauzers Of Taylor 



We do not base pricing on gender, Bitch purchase and stud expense.
We do have to calculate though into our puppy pricing the following: 

Organic /raw feeding for moms and premium kibble

Health Testing

Stud fees

Ai procedures

Progesterone testing

Brucellosis test

CERF eye certifications

DNA and Health testing

Supplements for bitch

Increased food for bitch

Whelping supplies

Fresh Frozen Plasma for puppy's

Tail docking/removal, Food and vitamins for babies


Items for puppies

Puppy packet

Hi Titer Neo-Par and Neo-Vac 2 vaccinations

Wellness exams x 3 

Unpaid time off from work

Increased utilities

Transportation and gas.




We will now take a pre birth holding fee of $100. This will ensure your place and pick order. By being placed on our pre birth waitlist you are agreeing to wait for one of our special babies in any future litter.

Litter wait times can be up to 8-12 months. You will be asked to fill out our pre-questionnaire and you will be contacted in the order of receiving. Pre birth holding fees are non refundable but may be transferred. 


Once your puppy is born then the balance of your holding fee is required which is $400.  If you were not on our prebirth list and paid your $100 then your deposit is $500. 

You must also be approved with a vet reference before a holding fee request will be sent. 

We will help you and make recommendations as to which puppy would be the best fit based on our observation. Puppy pick will take place by FaceTime. 

Because we are so confident in the way we hand raise our puppies that we stand behind them 100% and know you will be just thrilled with your baby.


***Holding Fee/payments are non-refundable but transferrable.

Once you place a holding fee,  I stop advertising for that puppy. It takes me a lot of time to relist and resale a older puppy. Some things happen that are unforeseen and beyond our control. Your holding fee may be moved once to another litter and expires after 1 year.  There are no refunds on holding fees, only transferable. This deposit signifies intent on the behalf of the purchaser to follow through with the purchase transaction of the puppy. Seller reserves the right to void this transaction. If some tragic accident were to happen, and the puppy should die before it goes home by all means we would return the deposit to you unless you wanted to apply it to another puppy or future litter....these are things of nature that happen beyond our control.



Final balance is due by 8 weeks. Checks can be accepted but need to clear before pick up date. (There is a $25 returned check fee)

Pickup date will be set by me when I feel that puppies are ready to leave. If a puppy stays with me longer due to you not being able to pickup a $15 fee per day will be added and must be paid upon pick up (this will be enforced). 

Your puppy is welcome to stay and complete 1-2 weeks of puppy Boot Camp if you choose with our trainer Linda. 
Meet our trainer Linda Carson!

If you fail to pick up your puppy on our agreed pick up date then any money paid will not be refunded.


*****I will not hold a puppy without a holding fee. I will not hold a puppy for you to decide to purchase without a holding fee. Pups are sold to approved homes on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for understanding our rules. Because our waitlist are long please make sure you are prepared for a puppy before contacting me and placing a holding fee.


Pick Ups

What is your visitor's policy? The health of our dogs and puppies is important to us so we take every precaution to protect them. We also take precautions to protect our home and family now.

Pickups  will now take place after our vet check appointments. I will plan on a sat morning appt and you can make plans to join us and take your puppy home. 

We are more than happy to FaceTime anytime! 

We do photograph our puppies regularly, and post the photos on Facebook, text or send them by email. 

Pictures are taken at birth, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks to the people on our reserve list with little updates on how puppies are doing. Sometimes we share a sweet story or two about them.

We do not offer 6 week old puppy visits but we are Happy to FaceTime visit. You will need to make arrangements to join our go home vet visit. If you are unable to join us we will set a meet up at our local Temple police department. 

Please note that the support never stops here. We are more than willing to answer any questions at any time regarding your dog. Please never hesitate to call or email. And we would love to get updates and pictures of your puppy with their new family! 


Thank you for helping us protect the health of our puppies and our safety. 


I guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your new puppy at pick up 100%, if not I will gladly give you your deposit back before the puppy leaves. 



Occasionally circumstances are such that a puppy does not work out in his or her new home for various different reasons or maybe later on circumstances arise where the person can no longer care for their dog, in these or other similar situations we are more than happy to take the puppy or dog back until a new home can be found, but we do not offer exchanges or refunds. 




Schnauzers Of Taylor Reserves the right to have first pick on any litters.We also have right to refuse sale to homes we feel are not a good match.