We began Schnauzers Of Taylor 20 years ago because we wanted to do it right. We are in our retirement phase now but mentor and offer placement services for breeders with our lines. 
After our first purchase as a married couple and being left with a sick puppy and a breeder who didn't care, we wanted to try and make a difference in raising them the best we can. 

We know purchasing a new puppy is a long term commitment and know that you may have a lot of questions that need answering. This list is by no means meant to be complete, but maybe will give you ideas for your own questions or maybe answers to ones you already have. Please feel free to ask anything I've not addressed. 

About Us:
It’s not the income or is it financially lucrative to raise pups, it’s actually very expensive to raise a litter properly. We breed a few litters every year with a holistic approuch. We usually operate in the red; it’s just a great big hobby. I have many times wanted to stop, as it can also be heart breaking. Puppies get sick, and despite vaccinations and all the best veterinarian care, they can die. Moms may have problems whelping, low calcium and caesarians are necessary, all kinds of things can go wrong when you take care of live animals. But there are so many wonderful people who love their dogs, more than anything in their lives. These dogs provide companionship to sick children, the elderly, the lonely. They give joy and excitement to young people and adults who enter them in dog shows, trials and train them. Many of our pups are trained and are used with children and sick people in hospitals and retirement centers. There is no end to how much love, pleasure, excitement and plain old companionship these dogs can offer. So, as long as I can help to provide joy to any family, I will continue to breed the best pet possible and educate the puppy buyer how to feed, raise and train his new pup for many years. 

About our Lines:
My lines were picked for temperament and health. We specialize in companion pets only. What I want is for anyone to be able to own a beautiful, healthy Mini schnauzer as a pet (homes must be approved). Our Mini schnauzers are in the AKC standard of a Mini. Mini's are 12x12 to 14x14 (measured from shoulder to start of tail). We can not guarantee size and color but know that our pups will be healthy and lovable. We will have classic colors with our newest parti for some variation. Our schnauzers are not hyperactive but can be protective. They do not bite but do bark when appropriate. The lines are clean from knee or eye problems (CERF certified. Yes, my lines do have grand champions in them but that does guarantee a good pet. When I researched my parents I wanted good, long, and sound lines without health issues. We do regular blood test on our dogs, DNA testing by AKC for sire lineages and all pups are Vet checked at 3 days, 3 1/2 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks.
We health test using several different companies to try to ensure we are trying to produce healthy puppies. Please note health testing is not a 100 % guarantee your puppy will never develop any diseases. 
Our dogs are played with and walked usually every other day. The dogs live in our house, outside and are a part of our family. We do not have kennels because we do not have many dogs in our home. Mentally and physically the lines are excellent. These pups are not to be sold as show quality but are perfect enough to be trained. 


We can not do this alone. We have partnered with fabulous guardian homes whom most of our breeding females grow up in. They are retired after a few litters and stay with their family. Always placed free of charge and we pay a stipend per puppy per litter. 

We have whelper helpers that help us raise some of our litter until weaned. They are only our lines. Once weaned the puppies join us and continue our puppy raising program until they goin you. 

We also added the mini schnoodle in 2020 for those wanted the best of both the schnauzer and the poodle. 

About the Fur Babies:
All puppies will have been de-wormed at 1,2,4,6 and 8 weeks and raised in our in home nursery. We also use preventative at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks to prevent coccidia. Puppies are started on a "Super Dog" program on day 3 to day 16. New for September 2021 is introduction to scents. This is a Neuro stimulation and scent training help build stronger puppies and smarter adults. We proudly have been using this program for over 15 years where many breeders are just beginning. Shots are given at 5,6,7 & 8 weeks. Tails and dewclaws are docked (we will leave tails intact but puppy must have deposit paid in full by their 3 day old birthday). Ears are always left natural. Schnauzers of Taylor does not advocate the cropping of ears. Most vets will not do puppies until 4 months of age and therefore most puppies sold with ears done are being done by the breeders themselves. They either do not stand right or fall early in life. The puppies are raised in our puppy nursery just located off our living room that is temp controlled. They are played with, cuddled, and occasionally are slept with. Sorry, but we can not be responsible for spoiling your new fur baby. A 10 yr year health guarantee is available for such health problems with the Heart, Lungs or Kidneys that result in death. All puppies will receive a new puppy packet. We also can include lots of bonus material, blankie, special toy and litter box training and me......a breeder who cares about my puppies for a lifetime.
Pups are raised on fresh fruits, meat and vegis upon weaning and a high quality kibble.

Schnauzers of Taylor also request that our dogs never be placed in a dog pound or shelter. If for some reason you can not keep them, we need to know. We will assist in placement or help with approval of new home. Our babies are an important part of our family and place them with them becoming the same with yours.We have a be-back open door policy and they are always welcome back to our home.

We will do everything we can to try and reduce any risk that could cause un-forseen health issues in your new puppy. Just as with children, there are no guarantees as to a perfect and healthy life. We can only try and predict a new puppies health based on past litters. Sadly, sometimes that doesn't always work but I will guarantee that I will be a breeder that will stand by my guarantee and help you obtain a new puppy if the time should ever arise. 


My first schnauzer Pepper was such a joy and blessing for me in my teenage years. I don't think I would of survived them without him. Pepper was bought from a pet store and I remember my parents pulling every last penny they had to buy me this $300 dollar puppy. Little did we know how in love we would be with the schnauzer breed after that. Pepper lived to be 14 yrs old. 

Local Pick Up ONLY:  We want to meet each of our parents face to face so we welcome visits. If you are in another state, a option is for you is to fly into Austin and return your Miniature Schnauzer puppy with you in the plane's cabin. Schnauzer puppies are small and can ride in a carrier that fits under your seat. There is a $75 service fee, which covers my expense for the trip to the airport to deliver the pup to you. We also have lots of people drive to our home to pick up their Schnauzer Puppies from other Texas cities such as Dallas, Ft. Worth, Plano and Corpus Christi, and also from surrounding states such as Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. 

Flight Nanny Service so we can meet face to face.

Deposits and Visits:
Before birth:
We do not just allow home visits without a approved questionnaire and vet reference. This is for our safety and our dogs safety. 
At birth:
A deposit of $500 to hold your puppy at time of birth and finial payment at pick up. We are happy to FaceTime so you can see your puppy. In the event that something un-forseen happens here I will gladly refund your deposit. By placing a deposit on your puppy you and I are agreeing upon the contract and health guarantee.
If puppy is 6 weeks or older you will be required to purchase in full. If you want the puppy's tail left intact you will be required to pay the full balance for the puppy before their 3 day old birthday. This will require you to have first pick. 

We hope that we can help you find that special new family member. They are ours for such a short time but yours for a lifetime......