Maria’s 2nd puppy

There aren't words to describe how much our sweet Pepper means to us.  For the past 9 years she has been such an integral part of our family and everyone's favorite member:)


We found Donna as a result of our trainer's efforts.  When we were considering getting a puppy for our family, we chose a trainer first and enlisted her in choosing the right breed for us as then help in finding a reputable breeder for miniature schnauzers.  She found Donna and her phenomenal schnauzers.  


After contemplating another dog since we cannot image life without such a dear companion, I reached out to Donna again to see if she could help us out.  It all worked beautifully because we wanted another "Pepper" and we've found that in the newest (and probably most adorable) addition.  You can see Luna in the last picture.  She's so cute it hurts and is truly just Pepper's mini-me.  You can see Pepper as a puppy with my son as a young boy in the first photo and then her as a 9 year old in the middle photo (with my same son in his high school graduation gown).


Donna is knowledgable, reliable, and always willing to answer questions and help out.  She loves her dogs more than you can imagine and I know it's hard for her to part with each of her puppies.  I think the only reason she's able to let them go is knowing the joy they bring to each new home. We are overjoyed with the thought of our little Luna coming to join us and be a part of our family.  Having a puppy is crazy but it's the best kind of crazy I've ever known.


Deciding on whether or not you bring a dog into your home is a thoughtful decision with many parts, but deciding to get a miniature schauzer from Donna is the easy part of that decision!


All the best on the newest member of your family.  I wish you all of the joy and happiness (and wonderful chaos) that only a puppy can bring.



Maria Schiffer